úterý 20. ledna 2015

Art Journal Double Page

Kawa i Nozyczki

Hello  my dear art journalists! So happy to finally share my take on the January double page of My True Colors Art Journal. 

The first theme is concerning The name and the story behind. Some lettering should be used. As you know my name´s Denisa. D for devoted, E for enthusiastic, N for naive, I for introvert, S for shy and A stands for art loving (see the art flower leaves).

I visualised me in the arms of the art feeling I can fly when creating and there´s a passion within me growing stronger each moment. In fact, the way a mosquito is attracted by the light, I am attracted by the art of creating the beauty of any kind. And so, this is the pure essence of me.

January Double Page

My Winged Adventure

Art & Passion

Thanks for stopping by!

15 komentářů:

  1. Great work!
    jestem zakochana w tej pracy

  2. Rewelacja,klimat jak u Salwadora Dali,cudo

  3. wow, Denisa! I can really feel the passion here! brilliant work!
    so great to have you journaling with us!

  4. Beautiful pages! I love how You splitted name for different descritption words :) Great idea!

  5. Fantastické ako nikto iný! Toto vieš len ty poskladať tak, aby sa aj Dalí mal čo učiť! Iste by mu spadla sánka aj tie fúziky :))

    1. Janko, díky díky. Já se dnes pořád kochám Tvojí dvoustranou, chytla mě za srdce.

  6. Thank you all for such nice comments!

  7. Your work is awesome! You're genius!

  8. I observe this page, and - wham! - I found it! Denisa in leaves! great idea! great journal page!

  9. beautiful :) I love the colours :)