středa 1. července 2015

Womanizer - ColourArte paints

Hello, my dear crafty folks. Today sharing my latest canvas called Womanizer. I used amazing shining paints by ColourArte - Silks Acrylic Glazes. 

Step by step tutorial

Cover the canvas with a thick layer of white gesso. Dry it with a heat gun. Hold it very close to the canvas so that the heat creates bubbled surface. Spray it with LSG spray Bayou Boogie Gold and paint it randomly with Silks Cinnamon Brown. Dry it again. Add spots of Silks Bolivian Blue and Carmen

Spray the surface with water to allow the colours to blend in and dry with a heat gun. Do some random stamping using Archival Ink. Here are some close ups:

Do some more stamping if desired and cut out the man silhouette. Glue it on the canvas, add plastic wings, gems, metal components, sentiments and the title. Add some splashes using Silks Carmen and black ink. Dry it. Your´re done:)

Some more details:

Thank you for your visit and have a nice day!



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