neděle 6. listopadu 2016

A Big Thinker

Welcome! Today sharing my Sunday art soul therapy. It´s an art journal spread full of layering and shading. A tribute to all the women thinking they´re not good looking enough to fit in someone´s theory of beautiness. ´Cause you are more than that! As they don´t perceive your inner beauty now, they never will. Some people aren´t meant to understand the important life values. Just ignore them and be beautiful :).

She was big. A big thinker. Too much big for his limited imagination.

A close up:

Thanks for stoppin by!

Happy Sunday!


9 komentářů:

  1. It's stunning!! Can you please mention the color shades you used ?? ( I am loving it .. just wanted to try some )

    1. Thanks a lot, dear Torsa. I used Magicals: Blazing Black, Luminous Lemon, Shabby Turbine Teal. LSG Starburst sprays: Sassy Saphire, Bayou Boogie Gold. :)

  2. Amazing as always! I love your style <3

  3. Loooove it Denisa, the artwork is fabulous and I love the message! Brilliant! <3 xo