pondělí 25. července 2016

Scars and Wings

Hello! Time to spill the beans about the new art journal challenge at ArtGrupa. I´m hosting it and my theme is liberating - wings. Now spread your imaginary wings and join us in the fun. More details are here
This time I was playing around with acrylic glazes and wiping out technique. So much fun.

Some close ups:

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy summer time!

14 komentářů:

  1. Totally amazing and beautiful.

  2. What a gorgeous piece of art, I adore it. Love the mysterious feel to your work, always so beautiful :)

  3. stunning ! I love your art and this piece is no exception. Fabulous sentiment and amazing emotion.

  4. Przepiękne tło,cały wpis jak senne marzenie---zachwycające

  5. Przepiękny wpis! Cudne kolory! Można się wpatrywać pół dnia:) Pięknie:)

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