neděle 5. března 2017

Love & Hate

Welcome! Today I´m sharing my take on ArtGrupa ATC Challenge themed Couples. I went for love and hate this time. Two feelings that are so close to each other. Both very intensive and powerful. As they say: too much love will kill you.

A close-up:

Down below you can see my delayed ArtGrupa ATC pair themed Under The Water.

Thanks for stopping by!


9 komentářů:

  1. Skvelá myšlienka, krásne prevedenie ❤

  2. These are awesome! The idea is fantastic and the textures are amazing.

  3. Nádherné, neotřelé, nápadité, skvělé !

  4. You are fabulous!! Love your thoughts n creation!! ❤

  5. Genialna interpretacja! Ta para to chyba najsilniejszy tandem na świecie! :)